Questions About Mulching in Marietta, Georgia

When should I mulch?

vivid red colored mulchWhen most people think of mulching, they think of weed control in the spring and summer months. But mulch is just as important during the fall for a different reason. When the colder winter weather sets in and the ground freezes, root systems can become exposed. Mulch aids in balancing the temperature by raising the freeze line, allowing worms to come closer to the surface. Think of it as a warm, heavy blanket of protection. Neglecting to mulch in the fall can be extremely detrimental to your plants in the spring season. And the cost of mulching is nothing compared to the cost of replacing some of your favorite trees and shrubs. It also adds a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape in the winter months. Marietta Mulch offers many types of premium mulch: Country Club Blend- this certified organic hardwood mulch is ground twice to guarantee appropriate chip size for the Marietta Country Club. Premium Walnut Brown– this mulch is ground then screened three times to remove finer particles, then colored with organic natural colorants.

How Much Mulch do I need?

how much mulch should i buyGive Marietta Mulch a call to help with calculations or if you want to calculate it yourself follow these steps. First, the depth must be converted to feet. To convert inches to feet, simply divide inches by 12, the number of inches in a foot. So for our example: 3 inches divided by 12 equals a 0.25 foot depth. Now that we have the depth in feet, we can multiply the depth by the area. When you are calculating cubic yards, we need to convert cubic feet to cubic yards by dividing by 27. One cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet, see the diagram right.

Is your Mulch safe for my pets?

pet safe mulch Marietta Mulch's colored mulch is safe for use around the home. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that Colored Mulch presents no more concern for children or pets than regular mulches. While some of our competitors still use lead or cadmium-based pigments found in paints and coatings, we understand the risks involved with heavy metals and VOCs, and do not add heavy metals. To make our colorants, we use materials also used in products like lipsticks, cosmetics and food containers.

Do you sell Natural Mulch?

leaf scorchMarietta Mulch's Country Club Blend is a natural undyed hardwood blend. This blend was specifically designed for the Marietta Country Club to give the Golf Course a natural appearance. This hardwood blend is composted, ground, and triple screened, just like the colored mulch, but left in its natural state. This Mulch Blend, is just as beneficial for plant health as the colored mulch. An added benefit is that it breaks down more quickly, releasing nutrients back into the soil at a faster rate. Country club blend aslo cuts down on water loss in the soil due to evaporation. For healthier more natural looking mulch order the Country Club Blend today.

Do you sell Cypress Mulch?

cypress mulchCypress mulch has been a perennial favorite. But the truth is that cypress mulch isn't what it's made out to be. Its popularity is based upon the idea that cypress mulch contains natural chemicals that fend off insects and resist rot. And it did back in the days when the mulch was made from full grown, fully developed, century-old trees.

But that's no longer the case. The demand for cypress timber and mulch has led to an unsustainable over harvesting of cypress trees, so much so that all cypress mulch now comes from immature trees that have not yet developed the properties that made its mulch so popular in the first place.

At Marietta Mulch we use sustainable forestry practices using an Imitation Cypress blend. This blend is made from hardwood trees and is processed to mimic a cypress blend which gives the beautiful appearance of cypress mulch without the negative impact to the enviornment. Call Marietta Mulch today to order the environmentally responsible Imitation Cypress Blend.

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