How Marietta Mulch Came to Be...

Richmond Tree Experts moved from the cold climate of Cleveland Ohio to Marietta Georgia in 1985. We have been in the tree care industry since 1976 serving Atlanta and the North Suburbs. We have excellent references and provide quality tree care at a fair price. Check Richmond Tree Experts out at and key in Tree Service. or go directly to

Richmond Tree Experts realized the need to recycle our tree debris. We were taking it to landfills that buried it. Not a good thing for the environment. Other mulch facilities were grinding it up and making landscape mulch. Hey, we can do that, but Better!

That is our goal at Marietta Mulch, to make the best mulch in Metro Atlanta. The first thing we do here is to accept only clean debris. No dirt, no pallets, no contaminants. This makes an all natural clean wood mulch. We then use the best colorants, made from all natural color sources. Or just leave it natural, our Country Club Blend.

We also opened a facility where our customers can dump their yard waste. We then use that to make our mulch. So with our debris, that our tree company brings in and other companies, we can make mulch and provide it to our customers at a great price!

You are welcome to check out our facilty located in the City of Marietta. 1356 Cobb Industrial Drive, 30066.

We look forward to serving you,


Marietta Mulch Benefits

Drought Resistance

Water Retention

Improved Plant Health

Plant Disease Resistance

Improved Soil Quality

Increased Soil Biological Activity

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